COCKSTAR Bruno for BukBuddies

BRUNO ahhhhhh BRUNO!! THE CLASSIC Sicilian-Italian American JOCK! A face like the cutest pitbull puppy you ever saw. Actually BRUNO looks like he could be Joe Rogan’s little bro from FEAR FACTOR eh!??! I wonder if Joe has AS BIG OF A FAT FUCKING DICK like BRUNO…. And can this stud work his missile!!

Take note boys- Bruno has the two-handed pussy/ass stroke down to a T! He fucks his two hands together like nobody’s business- and he does it standing up so you can really see the immense power behind his thrusts! Bruno is ALL MUSCLE. His body is just superb- he’s smooth until you hit that amazing crotch and asscrack! His dick pops out of that dark patch of pubes like the Piston of a HUGE FLOWER!

Bruno is a really funny guy too. He’s a Guys Guy. He frolics around and even jerks off in the snow with his buddies in one video….laughing up a storm….Crazy bro!!


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